Fraunhofer AICOS has joined EFACEC in collaboration towards developing the project OUTSIDE - Outage Management System for Improved Distribution Networks Efficiency.

The goal of this project is to develop an Outage Management System that will improve the operational management of a power distribution system, therefore reducing the duration of outages. The system should be interoperable with existing solutions like SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), DMS (Distribution Management System), WOM (Work-Order Management), CIS (Customer Information Systems), IVR (Interactive Voice Response) enabled Call Centers, WFMS (Work Force Management Systems), GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and MDM (Meter Data Management).

Current solutions are very limited in regards to interoperability and usually do not benefit from the available information of smart power metering devices and tools. This solution will allow a real-time knowledge about planning, development and conclusion of corrective interventions in the power distribution network, based on the Smart Grids paradigm.

The INOVGRID sub-network configuration data will be used for testing and demonstration. Fraunhofer AICOS is in charge of developing a simulator of outages on the power distribution network, allowing a better understanding of their impact on the network, a better planning of interventions and providing useful data for testing and analysis.  The simulator should have emulated interfaces with the required corporative external systems and will also be used for demonstration purposes.