Safety & Security

Fraunhofer AICOS is developing an Assault Detection and Documentation System intended to provide a cost-effective smartphone-based approach to increase the safety of the Field Operatives and to ease the documentation of their activities. The Safety project consists of an adaptable operations management solution, composed by a Command Center and several Field Operatives. The Command Center will rely on a backend server and dedicated frontend interface for operations management. The Field Operatives will be equipped with a smartphone which will be worn in a fixed position in the chest, with the camera facing to the front and, optionally, a headset with a Heads Up Display (HUD) and a detachable controller.

The Command Center centralizes the information received from all the operatives combining the tracking of their location, status and activities, automatically generating daily work reports. The operations management interface allows monitoring each operative, immediately highlighting abnormal situations and sending instructions/information or even video to the smartphone or HUD of that Field Operative, allowing them to make more informed decisions. Likewise, the Command Center can receive the video streams from all the Field Operatives involved using them to crowd source information.

Taking advantage of the smartphone built-in sensors, the location and activities of the Field Operative can be automatically recognized in real-time, discriminating periods of sitting, walking, running, jumping, or even, for example, physical confrontation, being shot or lying down.

We are currently working on the integration of the different components and on the recognition of specific activities. Moreover we are planning to develop customizable alert triggers in response to the detection of a certain activity, for example too long still periods or falling unconscious, or based on geofencing, as when the routes deviate from the expected paths/locations or scheduled checkpoints.

This project will ultimately result in an integrated solution for Field Operatives and operations management that can be easily adapted to different application contexts. These could include not only public authorities, private security companies but also equipment maintenance crews, for example.

Recently, Exame Informática interviewed the team of the Safety project. Follow the link bellow and see the report. On our Facebook page the printed report is also available.


Exame Informática – “Safety: a plataforma das patrulhas e rondas”