AAL4ALL: presentation of results

On the last February 23rd, dozens of partners and participants gathered at UPTEC to be part of the closing event of the AAL4ALL project, where the outcomes and results of the project were presented.

In a full Auditorium, Dirk Elias (Fraunhofer Portugal), Miguel Sales Dias (Microsoft Portugal), Manuel Sobrinho Simões (Health Cluster Portugal) and José Carlos Caldeira (ANI – Agência Nacional de Inovação) were responsible for opening the session. Miguel Sales Dias and Filipe Sousa (Fraunhofer Portugal) deepened the AAL4ALL project by talking about its goals, the involved partners, the difficulties throughout the entire process, as well as the technological solutions and innovations that resulted from it.

Since the project resulted in a large scale trial, partially implemented in Évora with the supervision of the GNR (Republican National Guard), the officers Luís Nunes and Rogério Copeto were also present at the event and gave their testimony about the trial experience and the elder’s feedback on the tested technologies.

The highlight of the ceremony was a round-table where notable people who work in the care and provision of health care to seniors had the opportunity to debate on the importance of the Ambient Assisted Living, its challenges and opportunities for the future. This panel, moderated by the general director of the Health Cluster Portugal, Joaquim Cunha, included the interventions of António Tavares (Santa Casa da Misericórdia do Porto), José Carlos Nascimento (Universidade do Minho), José Mendes Ribeiro (Grupo Técnico para a Informação no Sistema na Saúde), José Mendes Ribeiro (Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos), Maria Amélia Ferreira (Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade do Porto), and Vasco do Canto Moniz (Fundação D. Pedro IV).

In parallel to this conference, demos of some of the solutions developed in the scope of the AAL4ALL were being performed:


> Smart Shoe “Wellness” (CeNTI);

> Smart Shoe Locator (CeNTI);

> Smart Shoe portal web site (UBI);

> Exa ALL in One (Exatronic);

> Mover (Fraunhofer Portugal);

> Smart Companion (Fraunhofer Portugal);

> Fall detection sensor (Fraunhofer Portugal);

> Monitoring platform (Intellicare);

> AALFred (Microsoft);

> AAL4ALL@MEO (PT Inovação);

> Mobiware (UBI).


The goal of the AAL4ALL project, which ended in February 2015, was the development of an ecosystem of products and services in assisted environment - Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) - with a business model associated and validated through a large-scale pilot. The competitive advantage of 'first mover', together with the standardization of these products and services, enabled the AAL solutions to export to other countries, in particular the European area.