COLABORAR: closer to end users

Network is a key word within COLABORAR, since the project consists of a user network made of people who wish to contribute for the creation of future technologies. Bearing this in mind, the project developed at Fraunhofer AICOS has given a step further towards connectivity and networking by making itself present in social networks.

COLABORAR already had a website where all the news and information regarding the project and its developments are published and where volunteers can sign up to help create new technologies that improve people’s quality of life. Somehow, this was not providing the extra contact we would like to have with our network friends online. Many older adults use social networks to stay in touch with friends, grandchildren or to remain updated about their topics of interest, news and so forth. As COLABORAR adopts a human-centred approach to everything it does, this could be no exception. Older adults asked and we listened. The Facebook page of COLABORAR was born.

The Facebook page intends to increase interaction and dynamics between end users and researchers, which is also one the objectives of the project. Updates and photos about the activities, news and curiosities are and will be constantly published so that users can follow COLABORAR closely.

COLABORAR was created in 2011, it has around 400 volunteers, and so far it has carried out over 1000 activities. Its goal is to humanize technology, making it easy to use. The network is open to the exterior, meaning that any business or organization can make use of it as a way of gathering suggestions and expectations of the target audience for new products and services.

The mission of Fraunhofer AICOS, the research centre responsible for COLABORAR, is to generate ´Remarkable Technology, Easy to Use´ and the creation of this network allows precisely to meet this goal by helping to improve quality of life by offering citizens intuitive and useful technological solutions.