euPAmHealth: Fraunhofer AICOS “builds” Caretaker Server

Focused on the well-being of the population, Fraunhofer AICOS develops innumerous projects intended to make routines and common activities easier. euPAmHealth is one of such projects. Directed towards patients with chronic diseases, the project wishes to overcome mobility restrictions.

Developed in partnership with EUPA SISTEMAS, euPAmHealth is a Caretaker Server designed to collect information from patients using sensors which gather data of their health condition, providing it to formal and informal caretakers.

This is an extension of the previous project eHealthCom which had already developed a Caretaker Server to act as a Personal Health Record (PHR) for patients, for the informal (family and /or friends) and formal (doctors, nurses, etc.) caregivers.

Fraunhofer AICOS is capable of deploying its assistive solutions to enhance healthcare services at homes and on the run, especially dedicated to the elderly and patients with chronic diseases, supporting diverse and customized services and facilitating the communication between the seniors or patients and the healthcare service providers, by integrating it with the EUPA SISTEMAS platform designed to deliver health services and to monitor vital signs in real-time using a mobile device.

The caretaker server stores information collected by EUPA SISTEMAS platform, e.g. sensors (ECG, blood pressure meters, glucose meters, fall detectors, GPS), allowing the visualization of each patient’s condition and provides relevant information to the users and caretakers, in real time.

The main features that were designed, developed, tested and demonstrated in laboratory conditions are:

> Restricted area for patient management (personal data, medication, vital signs, agenda, etc.) and data visualization;

> Visualization of vital signs (blood oxygen saturation, blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, glucose levels, weight) with ‘out-of-limit’ alerts (vital sign measurements will be gathered automatically using the sensors);

> Different access levels for different profiles: patient, caretaker, relative, system administrator;

> Alerts and reminders;

> GPS / tracking system in real time;

> Wiki / Frequently asked questions / information area.

EUPA SISTEMAS manages a software platform that provides information about registered users to their caretakers and relatives aiming to support in assistance to oldest people in vulnerable conditions. It is responsible for the registration of the users, their relatives and caretakers.