European Summit on Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing

How can technology, innovation and new ways of cooperation help Europe to turn the challenges of the demographic changes into opportunities? This is the central topic of the European Summit on Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing, an international event which is being held on the 9th and 10th of March, in Brussels.

As a worldwide reference institution in what innovation, technology, and working with older adults are concerned, Fraunhofer Portugal will be participating in the event, both with live demonstrations of some of its projects and in a thematic debate.

On Tuesday, March 10, from 11:00 to 12:00, Prof. Dirk Elias, President of the Executive Board of Fraunhofer Portugal, will be part of a thematic debate about ‘The great global race for tech innovation – developing a European competitive edge in active and healthy ageing’. In line with the event’s goal, this session aims to foster the debate and share insights and innovations regarding the technological and societal game changers which may influence the success of future solutions.

In parallel to this session, a team of researchers from Fraunhofer Portugal will be presenting several projects that perfectly illustrate how technological innovations can in fact provide useful and meaningful solutions to enhance people’s living standards, specially focusing on older adults. Fraunhofer’s booth will cover 4 topics: caregivers, chronic illnesses, fall prevention and nutrition. To illustrate these relevant topics for active & healthy ageing, the team has prepared interactive demonstrations of ChefMyself, SAL, REMPARK, Smart Companion, SmartFeet and My Fall Risk Meter.

On site there will be numerous devices such as tablets, smartphones, a dermatoscope and a kitchen robot, with which visitors may interact. Visitors will have the opportunity to play the games using the smartphones and the TV, test the dermatoscope on their own, and even have the chance to taste the recipes that will be prepared with ChefMyself. The demonstrations will include live show cooking sessions where the visitors can see how a tablet interacts with a kitchen robot to help older adults prepare all sorts of healthy recipes.

Visitors will have the opportunity of posing detailed questions about the technical solutions being showcased. Furthermore, since Fraunhofer Portugal works very closely with users in its research, visitors will have the chance to learn what older adults’ opinions about our technology are.

Fraunhofer Portugal works to leverage industry and to bring useful and meaningful solutions to enhance people’s living standards by offering intuitive and useful technology solutions, capable of lowering technical and financial barriers that might hamper the participation in the information society.