Fraunhofer AICOS provides professional experience to Master students

In order to foster the integration of university students in a professional environment, providing them the necessary tools to fill the gap between the academic world and the industry reality, Fraunhofer AICOS welcomes several Master students. This year, 25 students are now working and developing their projects at Fraunhofer Portugal.

Each year, since its foundation in 2008, Fraunhofer AICOS receives Master students, allowing them to develop their work in a professional environment, oriented to the creation of practical solutions. This cooperation also allows Fraunhofer AICOS to benefit from these students’ will for knowledge, thus resulting in a win-win relationship.

This year, Fraunhofer AICOS is welcoming new Master students from Faculties of Engineering and Sciences of the University of Porto, and from the University of Lisbon, who will be developing research work in the areas of ‘’Ambient and Assistive Living’’ and ‘’Innovation and Communication Technology for Development”.

In line with the main research areas developed in Fraunhofer AICOS, the students will work on several topics ranging from real time classification of daily living activities to gamification and behaviour recognition in literacy assessments for Sub-Saharan African communities. The development of mobile solutions to help medical professionals and patients to assess the risk of their pathologies, as for instance, the risk of diabetic retinopathy, is also the goal of some of this year projects.