GoLiveWear: From proof of concept into the market

Aiming to develop and bring to the market simple and powerful solutions that support prevention, early diagnosis and continuous care to enable seniors to live longer and independently, Fraunhofer Portugal and the Dutch company Gociety have now entered a second stage of their partnership.

The two institutions have been working together in the GoLive Wear (GLW), project since 2013. The GoLive Wear consists of a prototype of an external sensor that generates an alert when it goes out of range of the smartphone. As an extension of the GoLive Phone, the GoLive Wear fosters the features previously implemented on the smartphone by providing activity monitoring and fall detection functionalities and an ’SOS button’.  In case a fall occurs, a mobile message and/or email is sent to the caregiver. Furthermore, the senior can also use the ’SOS button’ to request assistance to a caregiver, when needed. The prototype incorporates also an algorithm that estimates the number of steps, the walked distance and the expended kilocalories.

The goal for this new phase is to upgrade the GoLive Wear, taking it from the proof of concept into a solid market ready consumer product adding also new features, such as wireless charging and further miniaturization. The predicted use cases for wearing the device will be: attached as a clip to the clothing in the chest and waist areas. The market launch is foreseen for the second half of 2015.