Portuguese deputies at Fraunhofer Portugal

A group of Portuguese deputies visited Fraunhofer Portugal on the last 18th of May. The activity plan of the Assembly of the Republic comprised a work day committed to science and Fraunhofer Portugal was the selected organization to welcome this Science Work Group of the Committee on Education, Science and Culture. The gathering aimed to survey the challenges, opportunities, and difficulties faced by research centers in Portugal.

The Committee on Education, Science and Culture dedicated the entire afternoon to getting to know the activity and work of such a research unit as Fraunhofer AICOS, operated by Fraunhofer Portugal. The parliamentary group visited the premises, contacted with researchers, and was acquainted with the research work developed at Fraunhofer AICOS. Some researchers gave an overview and short demonstrations of projects such as Precise Indoor Location (PIL), Hydroponic Farming, GoLivePhone and OurMoz.

The Science Work Group showed great interest and curiosity on the projects under development at Fraunhofer AICOS, and acknowledged the importance of its scientific work to society groups such as the elderly and population from underdeveloped countries.

The Committee on Education, Science and Culture was composed of Elza Pais (PS, Coordinator), Nilza de Sena (PSD), Inês de Medeiros (PS), Michael Seufert (CDS-PP), Rita Rato (PCP), Luís Fazenda (BE), and was accompanied by Maria José Castelo Branco (PSD).