ShopView project presented to the European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science

Sonae hosted an event on innovation intended to showcase some projects and solutions which may, in fact, represent great breakthroughs. The European Commissioner Carlos Moedas visited Sonae and during his visit he had the opportunity to see the most innovative products of the retail area, including the ShopView project.

A team from Fraunhofer AICOS, responsible for the development of the project, in close collaboration with Sonae and WeDo Consulting, played a demonstration and explained all its functionalities and advantages.

The ShopView is an innovative solution to validate the implementation of store planograms. It compares the layout of the products on the shelves with the actual displays in order to help detect errors and opportunities. Part of the QREN funding program and involving a lot of innovation to overcome challenges, it is now a completely operational piece of equipment, including information processing featuring computer vision algorithms.

The ShopView project is estimated to save 5 million euros per year, in costs of operations of the Continente stores by Sonae. Its world-wide sales are under consideration.