More than 1.000 cultural contents available in ACP countries



The project ACP Street Libraries – Culture For All, coordinated by Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS, has already collected 1.160 cultural contents that are available online in African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States’ countries. The project has been implemented in Ghana, Liberia and Cameroon since January 2014.


To preserve local cultures, that are currently transmitted only in the oral format, and to share the local traditions with the citizens, Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS and Microsoft Portugal developed a technological platform to collect, record and manage cultural contents. The citizens from Ghana, Liberia and Cameroon can access this platform through a Windows Phone Mobile App. The project ACP Street Libraries – Culture for All is also available for young people from remote areas, frequently visited by Street Libraries equipped with technology that facilitate the access to educational and cultural resources and promote technological literacy.

The online platform has already collected several traditional short stories, videos, photos of cultural assets (like paintings, handicrafts and sculptures) and songs and music from Ghana (445), Liberia (305) and Cameroon (410). Additionally to this local cultural contents, it has also managed to gather 500 audiobooks and 1.000 eBooks that are now available for consult.

The project has been developed in partnership with Microsoft Portugal, Ghana's VPWA (Volunteer Partnerships for West Africa), Cameroon's ASRAD (Appui Solidaire pour le Renforcement de l'Aide au developpement), YCWL (Youth Crime Watch of Liberia) from Liberia, PPortodosMuseus from Portugal and the ALVD (Associação dos Leigos Voluntários Dehonianos) from Mozambique.

The ACP Street Libraries – Culture for All project was funded by ACP-EU Support Programme to the ACP Cultural Sectors, ACPCultures+.