FallSensing awarded Honourable Mention and ‘Best Poster’ at the 5th Active and Healthy Ageing Regional Conference



FallSensing was awarded an honourable mention in the 'Conhecimento +' category of the Best Practices for an Active and Healthy Ageing in the Central Region Award, which recognizes the best initiatives in the field of healthcare and social support, scientific research, and technological applications which promote overall well-being and active and healthy ageing. The project also won the ‘Best Poster’ award.


The honors bestowed during yesterday’s event were awarded to projects handpicked by the Centro Regional Coordination and Development Commission (CCDR-C), in collaboration with the Ageing@Coimbra consortium. The awards were presented during the 5th Active and Healthy Aging regional conference on November 28th, held by the Ageing@Coimbra consortium, at the São Francisco Convent in Coimbra, during which FallSensing’s team gave a presentation about the project.

FallSensing, a project that Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS is currently developing in partnership with the Portuguese company Sensing Future Technologies and Coimbra Health School, addresses a common problem among the elderly population. Falls are one of the most common health related problems in this age group. These accidents and resulting injuries are considered one of the main causes for institutionalization and loss of independence, therefore preventing older adults from living their late years in the fullest.

FallSensing is a new technological solution that enables the evaluation of fall risk factors and aids the implementation of fall prevention exercise plans, while providing feedback during the execution of the exercises. Fall risk metrics are extracted from the signals of wearable sensors and a pressure platform during the execution of tests. Moreover, exercises for falls prevention are implemented in the form of games where the user’s movements are analysed in real-time using wearable sensors.

The projects ultimate goal is to create a simple, easy to use, transportable product, to be used in clinics, nursing homes, community health facilities, or even at the user's own home. While currently it’s in prototyping and field testing phases, FallSensing could in the near future be a valuable tool to help older adults in risk of falling to reduce this risk, and live a healthier and more active lifestyle.