First results of FallSensing will be presented in Coimbra



During the 1st Meeting FallSensing 2017, Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS will show the initial results of FallSensing, a system created to evaluate multiple fall risk factors and implement fall prevention exercise plans. The project has been developed in partnership with the Portuguese company Sensing Future Technologies and Coimbra Health School. The initiative occurs on February 10th (Friday), at Coimbra Health School, at 09:30 am.


The FallSensing system is a new technological solution that enables to screen and monitor the risk of falling and implement fall prevention programs in the elderly population. The final product will be simple, adapted to different use cases, transportable and with low operation costs, so that everyone in risk of falling may have the possibility to reduce this risk and prevent falls.

Falls are one of the most common health problems in this population and are considered one of the main causes for loss of independence and institutionalization. With a multifactorial origin, most of fall risk factors are amendable by implementing fall prevention programs based on improving strength and balance and modifying behaviours. Nevertheless, the implementation of such programs is rarely part of the elder’s routine.

One of the outcomes of the FallSensing system, is the capability to provide biofeedback during the execution of the exercises. The data collected is stored in an electronic record platform, allowing for healthcare professionals and caregivers to follow the evolution of the user and define personalized exercise plans. These plans may also be automatically recommended by the system, promoting a continuous adaptation of the intervention programs to the evolution of the user. The technology will be deployed and validated by Coimbra Health School physiotherapists in several different settings, like clinics, nursing homes and local health facilities.

On the 1st Meeting Fallsensing 2017, debates and conferences will approach ageing, technology and “ageing in place”, as well as cooperation and global politics on active and healthy ageing.


The FallSensing project is co-funded by Portugal 2020, framed under the COMPETE 2020 (Operational Programme Competitiveness and Internationalization) and European Regional Development Fund from European Union.