10 cities and Fraunhofer Institute discuss the future of Smart Cities



Porto was the chosen place for the event Morgenstadt – Cities of the future, taking place yesterday and today (June 28th and 29th). Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS attended the working lunch on the first day, where Smart Cities were discussed. The initiative is associated to the SmartImpact project.


Dublin, Eindhoven, Stockholm, Guadalajara, Manchester, Miskolc, Porto, Smolyan, Suceava, Zagreb and the Fraunhofer Institute are the eleven partners of the SmartImpact project, gathered this week at Porto. During the meeting, the innovative, challenging and successful ecosystem of Smart Cities was explained, aiming the development of intelligent tools for the daily routine of citizens, companies and institutions.

To explore and develop management and innovative methodologies for municipalities is the focus of the SmartImpact project, that aims to help the cities obtaining smart purposes. These tools are fundamental for funding, construction, management and operationalization of Smart Cities, through new approaches of decision making, investments, management and maintenance.

In the scope of this project, the eleven partners gathered at the event Morgenstadt – Cities of the future and, today, the working lunch was an opportunity to discuss relevant subjects of Smart Cities, with local and European specialists of the network.