GoLiveClip: The ‘all in one safety clip’ born in Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS reached the market this week



Technology born in Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS and developed in partnership with Gociety Solutions will be available on the market starting this week.


GoLiveClip is the first device of its kind, as it combines activity monitoring, an alarm button, a fall risk analyser and a fall detector. Developed in partnership by Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS and the Dutch company Gociety Solutions, the GoLiveClip is a device specially designed having in mind the health and safety of the general population and of seniors in particular. GoLivePhone, its companion app, is also available on Google Play.

The foundation of this project derives from Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS’ own solutions: Smart Companion, an Android customization designed to meet older adults’ needs, and Pandlets, embedded electronics for wireless devices, which allow seamless integration with Android’s operating system, offering developers enhanced features to sense and interact with the surroundings, such as activity monitoring, fall detection, and indoor localization.

In accordance with Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS’ core values of enhancing people’s living standards, as well as of furthering the integration of the general population in the Information and Knowledge Society, the product now on the market aims to support the autonomous living of the of its end-users, through a wearable device and companion apps.

The ’all in one safety clip’, now sold by Gociety Solutions, comes with an alarm button that notifies pre-programed emergency contacts if the user presses it, but it also automatically registers a falling incident and dispatches notifications in case the user is unable to reach the alarm button. The device also automatically keeps track of movements and activity, such as the amount of steps the user takes and total time of activity, among other variables. And thanks to this collection of data, it can detect an increase of the risk of a falling incident.

This information is displayed in the GoLivePhone app, which is compatible with any smartphone with Bluetooth and Android 5.1, or higher. The app offers various other functions and tools, such as two-way communication, schedule and medication management, and geo-fencing, among others.

Also available is the GoLiveHealth app, which recommends personalised physical exercises to GoLiveClip users, and the GoLiveAssist app, which gives online access to the information gathered by GoLiveClip, to informal and formal caregivers.

The design of user interfaces was developed according to target population’s needs and tested by real users, making these apps user-friendly and intuitive.

The commercial launch of this product attests to the success of the Fraunhofer Operational Model as a leading R&D partner for Industry, as well as Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS’ objectives, which aim to promote applied research of direct utility to society, and to create scientific knowledge capable of generating added value for its clients and partners. In this case, Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS aided the creation of a solid and market ready consumer product that will improve the quality of life of its end-users.