Knowledge Sharing: Two internal workshops on Machine Learning and Unity3D



Promoting knowledge sharing and continuous training among researchers is one of the focus of Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS. Recently, two internal workshops took place, one of which was dedicated to Machine Learning and the other to the Unity3D game development platform.


Artificial Intelligence's (AI) importance has been growing unprecedentedly in the technology universe, improving the research and development field in ways never imagined. One path to achieve AI is by employing machine learning techniques, essentially teaching computers how to think without specific instructions to do so. From the numerous existing approaches, three methods were explored in the first workshop — namely classification, regression and clustering — where teams of participants worked towards solving computer science tasks based on these methods. The results exceeded the expectations and some of them are already being used in internal projects. Ultimately, this workshop set the foundations for more elaborate AI implementations, giving our collaborators a taste of Machine Learning’s potential and a basic set of tools to explore it on their own.

Following a similar mindset, the Unity3D workshop aimed at conveying the foundations of the Unity® game engine, developed by Unity Technologies, with particular emphasis on its modules and components. By the end of the workshop, the participants were able to create 2D and 3D Unity projects. They were also capable to design 2D and 3D levels with terrains and primitive objects assigned with materials and textures, which interact with the environment through physics and scripts that provide animation.

These are examples of internal activities that guide the internal training of our researchers, maintaining the knowledge of Fraunhofer AICOS at the State of the Art levels on the internal topics of applied research.