Fraunhofer AICOS Master Students Workshop 2017



Fourteen Master students presented in the first week of July, their work and achievements to a broad audience, who included FhP-AICOS researchers and collaborators. This workshop allowed to demonstrate the practical utility from the academic into the industry reality.


After developing their projects within the professional environment of FhP-AICOS, the Master students had the opportunity to present their work in a public session of presentations. The 2017 edition of the Master Students Workshop took place on the first week of July.

Each one of the fourteen students had the opportunity to provide a presentation of their work and achievements to a broad audience, who included FhP-AICOS’ researchers and collaborators. The presentations of the students’ projects were followed by demonstrations. In this session, the students presented the practical applications of their work, from which resulted solutions for areas such as indoor applications, rehabilitation at home, fall risk and mobile solutions.

The integration of Master students within the FhP-AICOS’ environment intends to provide students the opportunity to experiment a professional atmosphere, facilitating the adjustment from the academic into the industry reality. As usual, FhP-AICOS receives each year several Master students, allowing them to develop their work oriented to the creation of practical solutions, aiming for the support to economic development and social well-being, by contributing to the population’s quality of life. This cooperation results in a win-win relationship, since it also allows FhP-AICOS to benefit from these students will for knowledge.

These Master theses were developed having in mind the FhP-AICOS orientation for “Research of Practical Utility” and provided very useful results and solutions which might be applied to FhP-AICOS’ projects.

This initiative, organized by FhP-AICOS for the sixth year, intends to present the work of its Master students, with the objective of getting the attention of researchers, students and partner institutions.


Fourteen Master students have developed their projects at FhP-AICOS. These were the Master projects:


Alcino Sousa: Screening tool to assess the risk of falling

David Melo: Optical design of a retinal image acquisition device for mobile Diabetic Retinopathy assessment

Diana Gomes: Eating and drinking recognition for triggering smart reminders

Eduardo Grifo: Companion drones for retail

José Alves: Measuring Impedance in Congestive failure patients

Mafalda Ferreira: Statistical comparison of different Machine Learning approaches for malaria parasites detection in microscopical images

Maria Marques: A mobile approach for farmer-computer interaction

Mário Ferreira: Daily activity patterns recognition

Pedro Santos: Motion compatibility and adaptive filtering for indoor localization

Pedro Sousa: Location aware product recommendations

Ricardo Leonardo: Contextual information based on pervasive sound analysis

Rita Figueiredo: Computer vision-based system for colour calibration of mobile-acquired skin lesion images

Sara Oliveira: Rehabilitation Exercises for Knee Recovery at Home

Telmo Barbosa: Reversing ShopView analysis for planogram creation