ShopView: a solution for better operational process in retail stores

The ShopView solution is one of the candidates to the Portugal Digital Awards 2017. The latest demonstrator project, called ShopView2Market, developed by Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS, Sonae and WeDo Technologies is applying for the category of Best Digital Operational Process. The contest is organized by IDC Portugal and Jornal de Negócios, in partnership with Vodafone and Axians.


Improve and optimize business process at organizations is the aim of ShopView2Market. This project presents an innovative technology, able to help retailers to manage store’s replenishment processes. The prototype operates in three steps: 1) takes high-definition images; 2) detects price tags, products’ characteristics and out-of-stock situations, recognizes and validates prices and processes the information; 3) recognizes the real positioning of products, evaluating the correct placement of them, and notifies other issues as the visible ruptures.

Besides the Best Digital Operational Process, the Portugal Digital Awards 2017 will also highlight the best projects in four more categories, namely Best Digital Strategic Tools, Best Digital Product & Customer Experience, Best Digital Workplace and Best Digital Platform. The contest will also present three special awards, for Axians Best Digital Transformation Project, Vodafone Best Digital Leader and Best Digital Transformation.

The ShopView2Market project was supported by the National Innovation Agency (ANI) in Portugal through the Portugal 2020 ‘R&D Incentive System – Co-Promotion Demonstration Projects’ scheme that fosters applied research and development.