StepDetector: Interactive cognitive motor training with Pandlets



Detecting steps with high accuracy using inertial sensors is a challenge that has been taken recently by many teams. Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS joined the Swiss company Dividat GmbH and took the challenge of detecting steps on every direction (up-down-left-right) while the user is standing on a single spot.

Playing Tetris with your feet is one of the expected results of the StepDetector project. The idea is to use a Pandlet on the ankles to complement the Dividat Senso system, a step training platform currently based on a force plate, which provides input for the cloud-based cognitive motor training games. Besides the easier deployment of the system, this will also allow the users to perform the training in the comfort of their homes.

The Portuguese center will develop the algorithm to detect steps on every direction using a pandlet on each ankle, which will then be integrated with Dividat’s control systems. The Swiss company is also the coordinator of the Active@Home project.