FhP-AICOS nurtures young talent from Portuguese university



In line with FhP-AICOS’ mission to nurture young talent and assume a knowledge transfer role, earlier this year FhP-AICOS endorsed the 2018’s AGE - Academic Games of Engineering, a competition hosted by FEUP’s (Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto) Student Association, and awarded a summer internship to the winning team. Starting in July, João Costa and João Rocha will be working alongside our team for 3 months.


The AGE - Academic Games of Engineering is a program that aims to put students in contact with real-life business challenges. In February, among other organizations, FhP-AICOS presented a problem and challenged the students to come up with an innovative solution. Throughout the following two months, FEUP’s students had the opportunity to be accompanied by FhP-AICOS’ researchers, who guided them through their work.

By accepting our challenge, focused on Bioengineering and Computer Engineering skills, and during the course of the competition, the students gained useful insights about inertial sensors signal processing, gait analysis and machine learning, as well as Python development.

João Costa and João Rocha achieved first place and, starting in July, the students will join a summer internship with us. Throughout their stay, they will be able to get a taste of everyday activities at FhP-AICOS, work on active projects and gain insights into practical research aligned with the demands of today’s industry.

FhP-AICOS strongly believes in giving young people still learning the ropes, opportunities to work in a real-life environment, and throughout the years we've enjoyed great success by investing in new graduates, who went on to achieve great things.