FhP-AICOS hosts successful first alumni event



FhP-AICOS (Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS) held its first alumni reunion this weekend. Over 100 people attended the event, where the alumni were engaged along with their families in a tour of the facilities, and demonstration of FhP-AICOS’ most recent innovations, followed by a social gathering.


The occasion was attended by the director of the centre, Liliana Ferreira, staff, researchers, and dozens of alumni. For the former collaborators who attended, besides catching up with old friends and co-workers, the event also served to get to know FhP-AICOS’ latest technologies.

Liliana Ferreira, executive director, spoke about FhP-AICOS’ vision for the future, and pointed out the importance of fostering a partnership network, encouraging all collaborators – current and former – to keep in touch.

Over the centre’s nine year history, all the people who have passed through have contributed to FhP-AICOS’ success, which is why the centre aims to build stronger connections with alumni, to encourage networking activities, the sharing of experiences and valuable insights, and discussions about current innovation topics.

The event was thoroughly enjoyed by all the attendees, who stated to be looking forward to another event in the future.