AICOS’ experience within the Silver Economy market shared in the ICT4SILVER Final Event



Pedro Almeida, Fraunhofer AICOS’ NBD & Finance Group Leader, was a keynote speaker at the ICT4SILVER Final Event held on the 14th of March in Brussels (Belgium), where he shared with the audience, AICOS’ experience and perspectives on the difficulties SME are facing when entering the Silver Economy market.


In a simple way, the Silver Economy can be defined as the segment of the economy that addresses the specific needs of the senior population (60 years and over). As the name suggests, Silver Economy is not limited to a specific market, is more like a cross-market, cross-economy concept.

The ongoing demographic ageing change is uncovering major societal challenges, and consequently opportunities for new jobs and economic growth within the Silver Economy market. In fact, it is estimated that by 2050, in developed countries, the proportion of people over 60 will rise from 20% to 33% of the population.

Fraunhofer AICOS has a solid track record in the Silver Economy market, being the perfect example the successful story of GoLive products1, developed in partnership with the Dutch company Gociety Solutions, and already being commercialised. One of these products is the GoLiveClip, an easy to use, powerful sensor that combines activity monitoring, an alarm button, a fall risk analyser and a fall detector, providing direct and practical support for an active healthy and safe living.

GoLiveClip, launched in the market in November 2017, won the 2018 Silver Economy Award in the Non-for-profit Organisation category, recognising GoLiveClip as the most innovative solution capable of supporting and creating a game-changing shift in the silver economy market and improving the quality of life of older adults.

In short, the market success of this award-winning technology developed by AICOS, proves that our competences can cover the entire R&D cycle, from proof-of-concept to the market.


The ICT4SILVER project aims to provide the Southwest Europe territory with answers that address the following challenges; adapted responses in terms of health and maintaining the autonomy of seniors (especially in rural areas); increase the access of companies to the market opportunities of the Silver Economy. The project’s consortium includes: Agence de Développement et d’innovation de la Nouvelle-Aquitaine | Lead Partner (FR), Autonom’Lab (FR), Home Care Lab (ES), KIMbcn (ES), Tecnalia (ES), GAIA (ES), Associação TICE.PT (PT), Cluster TIC SANTE Nouvelle-Aquitaine (FR) and IPCA (PT).


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