Fraunhofer AICOS present at the Medical School of the University of Porto



AICOS’ Micron portfolio was showcased by our researcher Luís Rosado, who was as guest speaker at the “Basics of Clinical Pathology” course, at FMUP, on May 24th.


Luís Rosado gave some insights about the Micron portfolio and its many projects, all tailored to be both affordable and an automated alternative to conventional microscopes. Rosado also gave special importance to the use of the µSmartScope prototype for clinical pathology.

Within this frame, the researcher presented the preliminary data of the µSmartScope prototype, a fully automated 3D-printed smartphone microscope that is being tested at Hospital de São João, under the scope of the project Medical Pre-diagnostic System (MpDS).

The Fraunhofer’s project MpDS, coordinated by F3M – Information System S.A, one of the largest Portuguese companies specialized on Information and Communications Technology (ICT), aim to build a mobile solution that addresses the various needs of collecting and processing medical images in order to support diagnostic in several clinical contexts, as analysis of skin moles, ulcers and blood samples.

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