Fraunhofer AICOS present in Mozambique



Under the scope of Sustainable Villages for Development (SV4D) project, developed by Fraunhofer AICOS, in partnership with ARCTEL and FSAU/ARECOM, our researcher Waldir Júnior was in Mozambique, on May 27th, for the official inauguration of the SV4D infrastructure.


SV4D had already been implemented in Mocuba and in Alto Molócuè in 2018, and the governor of the Zambézia province, the president of the district and other local stakeholders wanted to celebrate this milestone and display the project’s importance with an official event.

SV4D or Sustainable Village for Development, is a collection of hardware and software tailor-made to answer the needs of communities that have reduced or non-existent access to ICT, in order to promote digital inclusion. With the arrival of the SV4D project, the citizens of Mocuba and Alto Molócuè, in Mozambique, can now easily, and for free, join a virtual community spread worldwide, communicate daily and share experiences and knowledge.

In addition to providing free internet access in 10 hotspots distributed between Mocuba and Alto Molócuè, SV4D also offers a mobile app, called Orera (meaning Clean in local dialect), that can be downloaded and used to assist local authorities in improving public spaces cleaning.