Intelligent Systems’ of Fraunhofer AICOS competing in “Hackacity Porto 2019”



A team of Fraunhofer AICOS’ researchers is competing in this year’s edition of “Hackacity Porto”, an hackathon for data scientists and data enthusiasts, as an initiative from the Municipality of Porto included in the strategy to apply measures for the implementation of Smart City principles that will improve the quality of life in the city.


Fraunhofer AICOS’ Intelligent Systems group is focused on building solutions for business fields where intelligent ICT is emerging, allowing people to achieve more through the optimisation of resources and processes. The particular scientific and technical skills of our group places AICOS at the epicentre of the digital transformation that is currently taking place, boosted by the exponential availability of accessible data and of the required computing power to process it.

Within this competencies, Joana Silva, Diana Gomes, Ana Pereira and Teresa Conceição, from AICOS’ Intelligent Systems group, will make use of AICOS’ knowledge and expertise, mainly in the areas of Data Science and Machine Learning, to solve the challenges addressed by the competition, which evolve around the concept which is “using data to create a better city”.

The main challenges for this year, for which AICOS’ team will work to achieve a solution, are: Evaluate and improve the data generated by the city; Build tools, analysis and models, based on Porto’s open data, that can support the development of solutions useful for the city’s citizens; Discover valid, potentially useful and comprehensible new patterns for this data.


Fraunhofer AICOS’ Intelligent Systems Group