Project ReHab, Fraunhofer AICOS cooperating with Cáritas Diocesana de Coimbra to tackle cognitive and motor decline among seniors



Preventing and controlling the most common cognitive and motor diseases in older citizens is the main goal of project ReHab, a project of Cáritas Diocesana de Coimbra, that counts with Fraunhofer AICOS and Instituto Pedro Nunes as partners.


With the increase of the average life expectancy it becomes important to prevent and control the most common cognitive and motor diseases in older citizens. Project ReHab’s main objective is to address this challenge by performing several actions that focus on cognitive stimulation and functional rehabilitation, individually and in a group, both in an assisted environment and at home, making available for older people a multidimensional kit of innovative technologies and traditional materials. The instruments range from geriatric games to cognitive training games available on a tablet, through interaction with an avatar.

AICOS’ main contribution to the ReHab project is CogniPlay, a tablet-based gaming platform that provides cognitive stimulation through games targeting several different areas of the cognitive domain, with its primary audience being the senior population.

This platform was created to act as a first step in seniors’ experience and interaction with new technological devices. Designed for tablets, CogniPlay offers an enjoyable experience to the user.

Through a customized interface that includes a variety of games with different difficulty levels, simple goals and rules, the solution is a fun and enjoyable first contact with technology. Through the games developed for the platform, researchers created a way of training working memory, attention, spatial cognition, as well as problem-solving.


Project ReHab is an initiative funded by Banco BPI under the BPI Seniors 2018 program coordinated by Cáritas Diocesana de Coimbra and includes Fraunhofer AICOS and Instituto Pedro Nunes as partners.


CogniPlay Project Description