TexBoost project showcased at the International Congress CIDESD 2019



Fraunhofer AICOS' researchers Diana Gomes, Ricardo Graça and Dinis Moreira were present at the International Congress CIDESD 2019, showcasing ‘TexBoost – less Commodities more Specialties’, a mobilizing project aiming to support the ongoing transformation of the Portuguese Textile and Clothing Industry.


The ‘TexBoost - less Commodities more Specialties’ mobilizing project is a structuring project for the Textile Cluster: Technology and Fashion, which aims at including a set of R&D initiatives with a strong collective character and high inductor and demonstrator effect, with the central involvement of companies of the textile and clothing sector and other complementary sectors of the economy.

The project consortium, led by RIOPELE and under the technical coordination of CITEVE, gathers a total of 43 entities, being Fraunhofer AICOS one of them.

AICOS partners CITEVE – Centro Tecnológico das Indústrias Têxteis e do Vestuário de Portugal and Damel – Confecção de Vestuário, Lda, are the entities in charge of delivering one of the projects milestones: developing an intelligent dry suit for surfing in adverse environments, with several ground-breaking characteristics, such as protection, comfort and the monitoring of the athlete’s physical performance.

AICOS main contribution is focused monitoring of the athlete’s physical performance by developing a performance monitoring system, with communication and location capabilities, conferring several advantages such as surf monitoring and safety for the practitioner. The monitoring system will also contain an alarm / help request button for emergency situations.

The International Congress CIDESD 2019 is an event focused on the most recent advances in Sports, Exercise and Health Sciences, with a programme that included plenary sessions delivered by leading experts in the field, free communication sessions organised across Textile and Clothing Industry key research areas, industry exhibitions, research projects showcase and several networking opportunities.


TexBoost Project Description


Project ‘TexBoost – less Commodities more Specialties’’ in as initiative co-funded by ‘COMPETE 2020 – Programa Operacional Competitividade e Internacionalização, ‘Portugal 2020’ and the European Union through the ‘FEDER – Fundo Europeu de Desenvolvimento Regional’.


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