US patent granted to Fraunhofer Portugal



Another significant milestone achieved by Fraunhofer Portugal, with the attribution of the US patent: “Position Tracking for a Bearer of Mobile Device”.


US10244358B2 is the number of the United States patent granted to our organisation. The innovation that is covered by the patent is AICOS’ solution for Indoor localisation of people, with under one meter accuracy.

Indoor localisation, a most needed tool for navigation or mapping people inside large and complex buildings, such as hospitals or shopping centres, can be equally achieved by continuously analysing inertial data from human gait, and applying dead-reckoning techniques combined with opportunistic sensing.

Mostly, motion signals are inaccurate, especially if the mobile device is not a proprietary device, and one has to reckon that the bearer wears the mobile device somewhere else than where it is supposed to be worn, in order to coincide with the laboratory conditions. However, the information conveyed by the motion signals is sufficient in order to discriminate and detect between different typical wearing/carrying conditions, and accordingly position tracking based on such motion signals may be rendered far more efficiently by, first of all, using the motion signals gained from the one or more motion sensors, attributing them to one of a plurality of analysis parameter sets so as to obtain a selected analysis parameter set and, second, analysing the motion signals using the selected analysis parameter set so as to obtain a signal indicating a locomotion of the bearer.

The patent granted to AICOS, is an important scientific landmark achieved by our organisation that reinforces our efficiency in research and practical development.

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