Final Master Students Workshop



The master students who had the opportunity to develop their research work within the professional environment of FhP-AICOS, have now concluded internally their projects and had the opportunity to present their work (including its practical applications) and achievements to AICOS’ researchers, in a Final Master Workshop.

Although with some restrictions, due to COVID19 pandemic, the Final MSc Workshop has taken place in July. Divided into two online sessions, 10 of the master students have presented their final work. Eight master students are yet to present their final work in another session to be held at the end of the year.

Accompanied by researchers and specialized professionals from Fraunhofer AICOS throughout the development of their theses, students had the opportunity to absorb the experience of a reference institution such as FhP-AICOS, specialized in creating cutting-edge technology and following the trends of the technological world. 

The feedback and opinion of the students regarding this experience could not have been more positive: 


“My experience at Fraunhofer was very enriching. It represented a great opportunity to learn and develop several useful skills, one of them being the user research.”

Vasco Alves

"I'm grateful for the time I spent in FhP. It was a great learning opportunity at an amazing place with an awe-inspiring ambiance."

Miguel Soares

"Despite the virus, I always felt welcome in my time at the office and knew that I could always count on those around me."

Diogo Reis

“Working with Fraunhofer AICOS is like having using a very special GPS: you're in good company in every step of the way, feel supported even when you pick a different path, and the journey ends up being as important as the destination.”

Ricardo Araújo 

“Regarding the work at Fraunhofer I can say that it was a great experience for a first contact with an environment not as academic as university. In addition to this, the support I received was excellent, both personally and as tools necessary for the work developed. From the beginning, I was included in the group discussions where I had an active role. The activities and tasks parallel to the thesis, as in the case of intermediate and final presentations at Fraunhofer or the writing of a blog post, ended up helping with the integration process.”

Álvaro Samagaio

“Working at Fraunhofer AICOS I received all the support, material and discussion necessary to improve and complete my work. I am very grateful for this opportunity and could not have expected better support.

João Gomes

“To develop my master’s thesis at Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS was challenging and, mainly, a huge learning process in the networking field.”

Francisca Rodrigues

 “Despite the atypical and particular conditions in which the dissertation took place, my experience at Fraunhofer was very enriching and rewarding, for all the sharing of knowledge and the great environment of help that I experienced, both in the unfortunately short period of face-to-face as well as then at a distance. I would like to thank everyone who directly and indirectly helped me during the thesis, and in particular Diana Gomes, for the guidance and all the support provided throughout the semester.”

Miguel Meneses 


Master projects presented (July):

> Ricardo Araújo: LivingLabData - Aging and Technology: A living lab cohort characterization;

> Miguel Meneses: ErgoFeet - Ergonomics monitoring with foot plantar pressure analysis;

> Álvaro Samagaio: NutritionChatbot - Chatbot for food preferences modelling and recipe recommendation;

> Miguel Soares: HealthVis - Information Visualisation Practices for Improving Patient Readability of Blood Pressure, Health Data, and Health Literacy;

> Diogo Reis: HandsDown - Data entry automation during office visits;

> Francisca Frias: ALIEN - Autonomous inteLlIgEnt Networking;

> Diogo Correia: HackaBoard - Smartboard for surfing; 

> João Gomes: WatchMyDrone - Smartwatch-based drone navigation for inventory management assistance;

> Pedro Brandão: MicronReDesign - µSmartScope - MicroStage Re-Design and Optimization;

> Vasco Alves: ComingOfAge - Public services including young citizens.