FRADE - Pervasive platform for fall detection, fall risk assessment and prevention



Researchers at FhP-AICOS are developing a technological platform that makes it possible to detect, screen and thus prevent falls among the elderly. The project, known as FRADE (Pervasive Platform for Fall Detection, Fall Risk Assessment and Prevention), consists of using wearable sensors that allow data collection and movement monitoring of seniors. The technological solution also ensures the sending of alerts and cell phone messages to caregivers, in case of a fall.

The system is composed of several components, namely wearable sensors, a desktop application for fall risk assessment, an application for Android tablets for fall prevention and a backend server with a web interface for data visualization. Through the wearable sensors used by the elderly, it will be possible to monitor movements, to detect falls and to assess physical activity and, based on this analysis, outline an estimate of the risk of falling. The system also sends an alarm and a message to a caregiver whenever a fall is detected. All monitored data is stored and can be accessed by a caregiver through a web portal. The application for tablets offers a set of fall prevention exercises based on the Otago Programme and which, with the aid of a wearable sensor, allows users to monitor their performance and assess their progress. This system can be used individually, at home, using only a tablet and a sensor.

FRADE results of a partnership between FhP-AICOS and the Escola Superior de Enfermagem da Universidade do Porto (ESEP), in an EIT Health RIS project. It includes a testing phase, to be carried out with senior volunteers from the FhP-AICOS’ living lab COLABORAR, which will be carried out in the home context.

With a global budget of approximately 75.000€ funded by InnoStars, in collaboration with the Local EIT Health RIS Hub of University of Porto, the project will allow to close the falls management loop by simultaneously addressing fall detection, fall risk assessment and fall prevention, in the same solution.

Understanding the human movement has been a concern of FhP-AICOS and, therefore, the subject of study and investigation. The FRADE project integrates and improves technology developed in previous FhP-AICOS’ projects, such as FallSensing, DEM, FCC.