Hosting Master Students and encouraging Technology development



Every year Fraunhofer AICOS receives a group of master students in order to provide a professional environment for students to develop their research work. This initiative allows students to go beyond the academic reality. Accompanied by researchers and specialized professionals from Fraunhofer AICOS throughout the development of their theses, students can absorb the experience of a reference institution such as FhP-AICOS, specialized in creating cutting-edge technology and following the trends of the technological world.

The integration of Master students within the FhP-AICOS’ environment intends to provide students the opportunity to experiment a professional atmosphere, facilitating the adjustment from the academic into the industry reality. As usual, FhP-AICOS receives several Master students, allowing them to develop their work oriented to the creation of practical solutions, aiming for the support to economic development and social well-being, by contributing to the population’s quality of life. This cooperation results in a win-win relationship, since it also allows FhP-AICOS to benefit from these students will for knowledge.

Having in mind the FhP-AICOS’ orientation for “Research of Practical Utility” as well as its competencies in Human-Centred Design (HCD), Intelligent Systems (IS) and Connected Things (CT), these master students’ work may provide useful results and solutions which might be applied to FhP-AICOS’ projects.

In the end of the curricular semester, and after concluding their projects, the nineteen master students will be presenting their work in a public session, highlighting their achievements as wells as the practical applications of their work.