LIFANA project encourages healthy eating habits and prevents malnutrition in the elderly



In order to instill healthy eating habits in the senior population, it is now possible to combine weekly meal planning with the comfort, convenience and security of buying and receiving all the necessary ingredients at home. LIFANA is the name of the 2.3 million euro project, developed by the research center Fraunhofer AICOS (FhP-AICOS) in partnership with several institutions, which integrates an application targeted at the elderly - designed with and for the elderly - that recommends dietary plans taking into account specific characteristics of each user such as restrictions (for example, diabetes or intolerances), preferences, culture, lifestyle and budget.

The project, which is due to end this year, involves eight international and national partners, such as Sonae MC and Santa Casa da Misericórdia do Porto. The fact that the LIFANA project involves a retail partner allows to articulate the suggestions provided by nutritionists with the task of shopping, and even their delivery at home. Through weekly meal planning, it is possible to define a shopping list and do it online. Therefore, the well-being and comfort of the senior population are key concepts in this project.

LIFANA is currently being tested, in Portugal and the Netherlands, by more than 70 seniors. The aim of the project is to support healthy nutrition in all stages of aging, from active elderly people to users and patients who need daily care. Personalized meal recommendations, based on personal advice from nutritionists and integrated with support in the supermarket, can help users improve their eating habits, achieve a healthier lifestyle and prevent some chronic diseases, such as hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.


LIFANA is funded by the EU in the AAL Programme (AAL-CALL-2017-013) and by national funding in Luxembourg (FNR), Switzerland (SERI), Portugal (FCT), and The Netherlands (ZonMW). Partners: LIST( coordinator), LIH, Fraunhofer AICOS, Gociety Solutions, cereneo Schweiz AG, Sonae MC S.A., KBO-PCOB, Santa Casa da Misericórdia do Porto.