Fraunhofer AICOS creates wearable to monitor athletes in real time



A wearable device that uses motion sensors and allows to track the position of the wearer, as well as estimates, in case of loss of GPS connection, his/her position (based on movement and speed). This is the Sport Tracker, a system developed at Fraunhofer AICOS and designed to track and monitor athletes in real time.

The challenge was launched by the German company – Sensry – as a development for the customer RaceMap, who is specialized in organizing sport events, during which it calculates and analyzes the geolocation information of athletes in real time. Fraunhofer AICOS, for its know-how and with a team of experts in the areas of cyber-physical systems, sensing and monitoring, got contracted by Sensry to create the Sport Tracker. This system includes a prototype with sensors that allow the analysis of movement and location, in real time, and is able to communicate over a low-power wide-area network (Narrowband IoT), making it possible to monitor long-term tests.

In addition to determining the exact location of the athletes, the SportTracker allows, simultaneously, to collect some metrics regarding their performances (running times, distances, speed). Another characteristic of the technology is the fact that, in the event of loss of the GPS signal, the system uses inertial sensors to estimate the position of the athlete. Regarding the wearable device, the Fraunhofer AICOS team designed and developed a prototype, lightweight and water resistant, to which it associated the sensing technology.


Sensry offers such features based on these developments as well as for other logistic tracking solutions under its trademark Kallisto as part of a sensor platform for IoT applications.


This development was funded by a project in Saxony German based on the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE).