VITAAL: Interactive games for seniors help prevent urinary incontinence, falls and cognitive problems



Scientific studies demonstrate that the reduction in walking speed in the senior population is strongly associated with some problems such as falls, urinary incontinence, increased risk of disability, cognitive impairment, and all cause mortality. Considering these indicators, VITAAL was born, an international project of 2 million euros, aimed at the senior population in order to prevent these problems. VITAAL is an individualized multicomponent exergame training that uses gait analysis to formulate personalized interventions.

Developed by FhP-AICOS, in partnership with companies and universities in Belgium, Canada and Switzerland, VITAAL is a game, a serious game that uses two sensors on the users’ feet and through which it is possible to interact with the game, stepping in multiple directions. The system allows individualized training of multiple motor and cognitive functions, and uses gait analysis to formulate individualized interventions. Usability tests are currently being carried out and, until June this year, VITAAL should enter into real trials with users where the effectiveness of training and exercise customization will be tested.


IMPORTANT NOTE: due to the COVID-19 pandemic, testing has been stopped and should be resumed as soon as normality is established.