ConPosting: LIPOR and FhP-AICOS jointly aim to increase the efficiency of waste management



As a way to improve the efficiency of waste management, LIPOR and the Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS research center (FhP-AICOS) are developing a technological solution that allows citizens to be part of the process, involving them in composting activities. ConPosting is the project under development that includes a set of sensors, a mobile application and a web portal.

Through sensors adapted to the composter, it is possible to collect and monitor some data, such as temperature and humidity. The monitoring of the composting process becomes easier and more effective, as it is monitored both by the citizen and by LIPOR technicians. By using the ConPosting mobile application, the citizen can improve and be guided through the composting process. On the other hand, through a web portal, LIPOR professionals are able to monitor the entire process remotely. The use of ConPosting will allow a more efficient system, avoiding unnecessary travels by LIPOR teams and, simultaneously, improving the composting process. ConPosting also includes a line of communication between citizens and LIPOR technicians to answer questions and through which they can also receive gardening tips.

Within the scope of the project, FhP-AICOS employed its expertise in Human Centered Design to fine tune the solution design and guarantee that the sensing device, mobile application, web based dashboard and back-end server implemented by FhP-AICOS' hardware and software teams would be aligned with the users expectations and needs, increasing the acceptance of the created technological solution.

Composting is a biological and aerobic process in which organisms transform organic matter into a material similar to soil, which is called organic corrective. In home composting it is important to understand how to create the ideal conditions, in order to produce a quality organic concealer.

In addition to the importance of the city's environmental impact and waste management, ConPosting aims to improve not only the lives of the inhabitants, but also to reduce the costs of collecting and treating waste, thus increasing its efficiency and applying waste management techniques, oriented to the community.