Aimed at people with rheumatic conditions, COTIDIANA project kicks off



The COTIDIANA project has kicked-off. Intended to develop a mobile solution that allows the collection of data from people with rheumatic diseases, the COTIDIANA is a 28-month project, financed by the AAL programme which involves 6 international partners: Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Definition12 AG, Mag. Andreas Raffeiner GmbH, Medizinische Universität Wien, and Pryv SA.

Rheumatic conditions are a problem that affects a great percentage of the world’s population, with a particular incidence in the elderly, since these diseases tends to increase with age. The time gap between medical appointments make it difficult to monitor patients’ symptoms and experiences. COTIDIANA supports data collection at home, in a more holistic and efficient approach, through self-report by the patient (signs, symptoms, quality of life), and also by passive sensing which enable the analysis of information such as manual dexterity, gait, physical activity level and sociability patterns (indicative of well-being and mental health).

The technology to be developed within the scope of COTIDIANA consists of a smartphone app for patients and a web portal, to be accessed by health professionals, that will display data since the previous visit to the clinician. Data collection will contribute to people's medical care and drug trials.

The project, which starts now and will run for 28 months (until July 2023), covers the implementation of three field trials, to be developed next year, in Portugal and Austria, with about 130 people.

Within the COTIDIANA project, FhP-AICOS will be responsible for the co-design with users and development of algorithms running on the smartphone.


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