EyesOnTraps on the field: sensors installed at vineyards in the Douro region



Within the EyesOnTraps project, a team of FhP-AICOS researchers installed sensors in one of the Douro's stakeholders’ vineyards, in order to collect and analyze different data for pest prevention in vineyards.

In this first moment, two sensors were installed at Quinta de S. Luiz, from Sogevinus Quintas SA, where they will remain until November this year to collect data on temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure. The objective is to install up to 20 sensors in vineyards belonging to different stakeholders, namely Sogevinus Quintas SA, Adriano Ramos Pinto - Vinhos SA and Sogrape Vinhos, SA.

The EyesOnTraps consists of a mobile solution for pest prevention. By using computer vision (artificial intelligence) and crowd sensing, the project supports local temperature registration, automated insect detection in traps and treatment recommendation for detected pests, in order to lessen human error and improve analysis. The system architecture considers modularity and scalability as primary concerns, allowing future system expansion to support detection of new insect types.

The system provides support to producers and entrepreneurs in the Douro region, where grape production is one of the leading economic sectors in Portugal and, at the same time, one of the most vulnerable due to the increasingly alarming consequences of climate change and pests, which are becoming a serious threat to the quality of the grape and the yield of viticulture.

EyesOnTraps, a SI I & DT project (NORTE-01-0247-FEDER-039912) with an investment of more than 400 thousand euros, is being developed by FhP-AICOS, in partnership with GeoDouro - Consultoria e Topografia, Lda and the Association for the Development of Douro Viticulture (ADVID). 


For more information regarding EyesOnTraps, please visit the project's webpage.