Master Students 2021 – Final Workshop



Knowing that the passage from an academic environment to the business market is very often a stressful period, Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS (FhP-AICOS) wants to provide a middle ground to young master students, allowing them to develop their research projects in a professional environment and in close collaboration with the FhP-AICOS’ team.

As it happens every year, FhP-AICOS received a group of master students to develop their work. Despite the new reality constrains, students had all the conditions to develop their projects, learn from experienced professionals and meet the life of a referenced institution like Fraunhofer.

After a few months of developing their projects, the experience culminated in a final workshop where students had the opportunity to present their work to colleagues and FhP-AICOS’ researchers, giving them extra preparation for their thesis defense.

The first final workshop took place in July. A second workshop will be held during the second semester of the year, with the remaining students.

FhP-AICOS’ team wants to congratulate every student for the work done and wishes them all the luck in their future endeavours.


The first final workshop, which took place in July, included the following students:

Júlio António Bandeira-Girão: Using a Research Domain Ontology as a driver for Technology Commercialization

Ana Margarida Almeida Amaro: Nutrially – Efficient and personalised meal recommendations

Catarina Magalhães Dias: Text-based RIsk PriOritization of Dermatological clinical notes

Ana Catarina Falcão Morgado: Image modality classification in dermatology

Rafaela Garrido Ribeiro de Carvalho: Multi-Modal\Tasking for Skin Lesion Classification using DNN

Margarida Pereira Marques: Embedded OS for Kallisto

Nuno Tiago Tavares Lopes: Privacy-oriented Task Orchestration System for IoT Networks

João Malheiro de Sousa: Supply Chain tracking and management with Distributed Ledger

Henrique Miguel Bastos Gonçalves: Delivery Forecasting in Project Management

Joaquim Antero Pavão dos Santos: CollabOrative fuLL-stAck Platform data Science dEvelopment

Rogério Luiz Araújo Carminé: TruData: A Collaborative Platform for Data Cleaning

Ana Mafalda Coutinho da Silva: Information visualisation guidelines for the analysis and understandability of data by operators 4.0

Tomás Nuno Fernandes Novo: MisInfoBot: fight misinformation about COVID on Social Media

Eduardo Luís Pinheiro da Silva: Combining ML and DL approaches to detect cervical cancer in cytology images

Pedro António F. Cardoso Videira Lopes: Generative XAI in Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Glaucoma

João Filipe Alves Costa: AI for Vineyard Trap Segmentation and Perspective Correction