Welcoming Master Students



To go into the business market can cause some anxiety for young people who bring a totally academic experience with them. To facilitate this process and provide these students with an enriching experience in a truly professional environment, FhP-AICOS every year integrates Master students, allowing them to develop their research projects under the supervision and coordination of experienced researchers and professionals.

This experience, in a thoughtful and professional environment that FhP-AICOS provides, allows young students to learn and absorb the knowledge of a reference institution like Fraunhofer, with more than 10 years of existence in the market and specialized in the development of innovative solutions and technologies.

The process of integrating MSc students at FhP-AICOS has been practice over the years and, despite the current circumstances that constrain both the work on the premises of FhP-AICOS and personal contact with researchers, students have all the necessary conditions to develop their projects, in close collaboration with the AICOS team, even though remotely.

As tradition dictates, the welcome was given in a Workshop that brought together all students - 27 this year - where all the rules and procedures were explained in relation to the various areas and departments, and the students had the opportunity to clarify any existing doubts.

We can only wish they enjoy and take full advantage of this experience!