SINATRA: Applying augmented reality to Industry 4.0



Focused on the benefits and potential of Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, the Smart Industrial maiNtenance through AugmenTed ReAlity project – SINATRA - emerged in early 2021 with the aim of providing new insights and developing a support solution for the Industry 4.0. This project will allow the consortium - led by Glartek and composed of FhP-AICOS, Águas do Porto (AdPorto) and Plastaze (Grupo Simoldes) to combine the knowledge between the different technical and scientific valences in order to develop an innovative, robust and versatile solution, able to streamline and facilitate industrial preventive and corrective processes.

The project consists of two major research and development objectives. The first objective concerns the development of a hybrid AR solution which takes advantage of Augmented Reality glasses and promotes the interface through a smartphone or tablet to inform and optimize processes. The second objective is to develop a set of computer vision modules to be integrated in the mobile application to facilitate the recognition of equipment, allow the automatic reading of digital and analog manometers and, finally, to ensure that the acquired images to validate the field evidence have quality. The solution will be tested in different environments for validation in a relevant environment.

Within the SINATRA project, and combining the know-how and competences in the areas of Human-Centred Design, Intelligent Systems and Connected Things, FhP-AICOS will be responsible for the optimization of Human-Machine interaction with AR as well as the development of the computer vision modules.

With an extent of 27 months, the project is financed by PT2020 in more than 1.3 million euros.


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