FhP-AICOS hosts DEI/FEUP in a meeting to foster cooperation and knowledge



Cooperation represents the process of groups/organisms working or acting together for common and mutual benefit. 

Bearing this in mind, Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS (FhP-AICOS) has welcomed a group of more than twenty researchers and experts from the Informatics Engineering Department of FEUP (DEI), which is a fundamental partner due to its affinity and proximity, both in terms of the research lines and topics covered, and in terms of its positioning and proximity to the industry.

During the informal gathering, there was a brief presentation of the main activity areas of FhP-AICOS, with demonstration of solutions that illustrate our work and competences. One of the aspects that caught the group's attention was the fact that FhP-AICOS has been developing technological solutions that perfectly integrate knowledge in the three competence areas: Intelligent Systems, Human-Centred Design and Connected Things.

The meeting ended with a moment of exchange of ideas and sharing regarding this partnership, focusing on different initiatives that can put into practice the connection and common vision of the two institutions.

In line with some of FhP-AICOS’ scientific areas, DEI focuses on Computing Systems and Architectures, Computer Graphics and Interactive Digital Media, Programming Sciences and Technologies, Software Engineering, Information Systems, and Intelligent Systems.

Besides these lines of research, the proximity to the industry, the relationship and cooperation with different institutions show a set of affinities that are to be fostered. Both institutions perceive proximity to the industry as a facilitator of knowledge transfer.

DEI was created in January 2008, following the activities that had been developed at FEUP since the beginning of the 90s.