Master Students 2022 - Welcome Workshop



As tradition dictates, Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS has welcomed a group of Master Students who are now starting their projects and will have the opportunity to do it in a more professional ambient, side by side with experienced researchers and experts in their field of work.

Intended to be an enriching experience to students who are now entering a professional phase of their lives, the following months are expected to be of hard work developed within a renowned institution, such as Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS, in what technological solutions is concerned.

The 17 students will be working in line with FhP-AICOS’ scientific expertise: Human-Centred Design, Intelligent Systems and Connected Things.

The Welcoming Workshop took place last Thursday, March 10th, and was held at FhP-AICOS’ premises.


Master Students 2021/2022:

Diogo André de Oliveira Paixão - A Human-Centred approach for Explainable Artificial Intelligence through visualization

Diogo Renato Barreira Coutinho - Designing out stigma in an online-based sexual health promotion programme

Fábio Manuel Neves de Araújo - XAI with differential privacy

Fernanda Ribeiro de Almeida - Causal discovery from time series data

Gonçalo Nogueira Valente Duarte Lemos - Intelligence Framework for Constrained Devices

Isabel de Almeida Curioso - Delivering Reliable Multimodal AI to Clinical Contexts: Addressing the Challenge of Missing Inputs

Jéssica Vieira Pinto - Using Research through Design to Catalogue Gesture Visualisation

Joana Jorge de Queiroz Leite - Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance in Industry 4.0

Joana Sofia Gonçalves Rebelo - Improving activity monitoring in ALS patients through model adaptation

João Filipe Carvalho de Araújo - A chatbot to fight misinformation about COVID on social media

José Miguel Martins Gomes - Automatic marker labelling for MoCap systems

Luís Henrique Condado Marques - Explore and compare different example-based AI explanations approaches to support the detection of cervical lesions in cytology images

Luís Miguel Almeida Fernandes - Distributed ledger technologies for Healthcare scenarios

Mariana Sousa Mendes Damião Albernaz - Clinical Data Extraction 2

Petra Rato Grego - Design and validation of self-report UI mobile design patterns for older adults with rheumatic conditions

Raquel Filipa Birra Simão - Uncertainty-Aware AI for Biomedical Decision Support Systems

Ricardo Alexandre Silvestre Matos Cebola - Automatic Speech Degeneration Analysis in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis