Honourable Mention awarded to technology developed by FhP-AICOS



The Award Inovação Tecnológica Engenheiro Jaime Filipe distinguishes the work that contributes the most to improving the quality of life of People with Disabilities. The prize is awarded annually since 2001 and aims to stimulate the development and research in disability, namely in terms of technological innovation and to reward and give public notoriety to inventions, projects or innovative technological products that contribute to improving the quality of life of people with disabilities.

It was within this scope that FhP-AICOS developed a digital solution, in partnership with Associação do Porto de Paralisia Cerebral (APPC), that promotes the autonomy of people living with cerebral palsy. The technology created was the result of an obstacle felt at the residential units of APPC. Due to the physical constrains associated with cerebral palsy, the residents experienced difficulties when calling for assistance. To solve this problem and give residents a better sense of safety and, therefore, autonomy, APPC trusted FhP-AICOS’ know-how and, in partnership, they materialized a suitable and accurate solution. Throughout 2022, 21 residents made use of this system, with a total of 4590 alerts, an average of 380 requests for assistance per month.

The solution - that has now been awarded by the Instituto Nacional para a Reabilitação - consists of a mobile application accessible by phone, tablet or computer, through which the residents can ask for assistance. The call will be immediately received by care assistants in their smartphones.

FhP-AICOS’ expertise in human-centred design was essential for the technology’s development as it needed to fit a very specific context. On one hand, the context of the residents (when do they need support, the urgency of the requests, their difficulties in asking for assistance), and on the other, the care assistants (what are their chores, where are they happening, how long until they provide assistance to a resident, etc).

More information on the Award Inovação Tecnológica Engenheiro Jaime Filipe and other winners is available at www.inr.pt/engenheiro-jaime-filipe.