Empowering Manufacturing Workers Through Technology



As part of the Fictions project, Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS (FhP-AICOS) organised three workshops at the DST group's premises in Braga.

Designed for the group's workers, the three workshops had different themes: cyber-physical systems (3 June), human-machine interaction (5 June), and artificial intelligence (7 June).

The FhP-AICOS researchers presented some technical concepts and practical, real-life examples of different applications of technology in work environments. The participants were very participative and curious, and the sharing of experiences and exchange of ideas was enriching.

The aim of these sessions was to equip workers with knowledge about how advanced technologies work and how they are entering the industry. With this knowledge, the workers will then be invited to take part in monthly workshops with the Human-Centred Design team to create speculative scenarios about how we could design appropriate digital technologies for the shop floor that are human-centred and promote well-being.

Fictions consists of the implementation of a co-creation pilot project within a large and multi-industry manufacturing group in Portugal to ascertain whether manufacturing workers trained in emerging digital technologies and in collaboration with design researchers can generate future visions that contribute with solutions for skill gaps in a changing labour market. By the end of the project it is expected to have a set of co-created solutions for future good manufacturing jobs supported by technology, as well as new knowledge on participatory methods for speculative design with manufacturing workers.