Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS at TRANSFORM Berlin: Pioneering Digital Industry Solutions



Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS (FhP-AICOS) proudly participated in the TRANSFORM Berlin trade fair on March 6th and 7th, marking a significant milestone in our journey towards digital transformation and innovation. Held in Berlin, the event brought together hundreds of visitors, including technology enthusiasts, industry experts, and digital transformation leaders, eager to explore the latest advancements in digital technologies.

FhP-AICOS took this opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to driving industry innovation and enhancing job quality through digital technology. On the second day, Manuel Monteiro, Business Development Group Leader, led a captivating Cube Class titled "Digital Industry: Workplace Technology for Job Quality Improvement". This session offered a deep dive into the industry-oriented solutions developed by FhP-AICOS, detailing the underlying problems, processes, and technologies we have created to address them.

Our participation in TRANSFORM Berlin underscored the importance of our work in the digital industry. We showcased how our solutions not only boost productivity but also significantly improve job quality. By focusing on the intersection of technology and human-centred design, FhP-AICOS is at the leading edge of creating environments where digital solutions foster a better workplace for everyone.

The insights and experiences shared during TRANSFORM Berlin reinforce our belief in the power of digital transformation to revolutionize industries and improve lives. FhP-AICOS remains dedicated to advancing research and development in digital technologies.

Our journey at TRANSFORM Berlin was not just about showcasing our solutions; it was a demonstration of our ongoing commitment to innovation, excellence, and the pursuit of a better digital future.

TRANSFORM Berlin, organized by Bitkom Events, stands at the forefront of digital transformation, focusing entirely on the ways companies can evolve through digitization. This year's event showcased the latest technologies and solutions aimed at digitalizing processes and business models, providing invaluable insights into overcoming the challenges of the digital age.