Small, flexible, and modular cyber-physical systems


Letting everything sense: a small, easy deployable and modular technology enabling virtually any object to sense, act and process data.


Network infrastructures for the unconnected


Connect unconnected communities and things using low-cost network equipment and opportunistic communications.


Crowd assisted services


Developing inclusive tools focused on citizen empowerment, participatory monitoring, urban service delivery, and social equity.


Understanding human movement


Advanced inertial sensors data processing for recognising human activities and characterising movements.


Recommendation tools in nutrition


Meal recommendations and shopping assistance balancing food preferences, nutrition and budget by combining information.



Personalised technology for self-management of chronic disease and ageing


Mobile devices connecting your customers to your services, backed by the science of how humans interact with technology.


Decentralised screening in dermatology


Mobile technology for healthcare professionals, validated as monitoring or referral solution for skin lesions.


Decentralised screening in ophthalmology


A smartphone-based handheld optical device that captures retinal images automatically, with intelligent guidance during acquisition. A computer-aided diagnosis of eye diseases is available on-device, as part of the fundus camera.


Affordable and automated mobile-based microscopy


An affordable and automated alternative to conventional microscopes, tailored to effectively support microscopy-based diagnosis in areas with limited access to healthcare services.


Automatic visual inspection and validation


Computer vision technology designed for high-level understanding of images or video frames, for quick, automated and recurrent auditing tasks, powered by artificial intelligence and business logic.