Recommendation tools in nutrition


Meal recommendations and shopping assistance balancing food preferences, nutrition and budget by combining information.



Nutrition has a high impact on our health. A good diet can help improving our immunity and preventing several chronic diseases including the diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Our eating habits also have an impact on our physical and cognitive development and can influence the risk of suffering from psychiatric illnesses. To prevent these problems, it is important to increase awareness on the importance of nutrition, help people acquiring healthier eating habits and assisting them managing their specific nutritional requirements.


Our nutrition solution uses artificial intelligence to create personalised meal recommendations and provide shopping assistance by combining different sources of information.

The system can balance personal preferences, restrictions, nutritional requirements and budget constraints to create personalised weekly meal plans assisting its users in planning their meals.

A shopping list can be automatically compiled that includes the food products necessary for the meal plan considering personal budget limitations.


The system considers the users personal preferences, specific nutritional requirements and budget limitations to create personalised recommendations that balance healthy eating and budget constraints.

The system supports its users in planning their meals and shopping, increasing their awareness and helping them to acquire healthier eating habits.

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With the aim of combating malnutrition, we created a system to gather and manage all the data that is relevant for the
recommendation of a healthy diet.



Through the LIFANA project we aim to
create a software to support healthy
nutrition through all phases of ageing, from active seniors to elderly users in need of care, thus guaranteeing longer living at home by tackling malnutrition.

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Ribeiro D., Ribeiro J., Vasconcelos M., Vieira E., & Barros A. (2018). SousChef: Improved Meal Recommender System for Portuguese Older Adults. In ICT4AWE 2017: Information and Communication Technologies for Ageing Well and e-Health, 107-126. More info