Deep Learning Training

The Intelligent Systems Group at Fraunhofer AICOS is driving the introduction of Artificial Intelligence capabilities to the Industry and has prepared a set of training series on Deep Learning tailored to the challenges of our partners.




Last years have witnessed the onset of a paradigm change on how businesses work. Data is becoming more accessible, and there is much value to extract from it in virtually every industry field. Along with improvements in computing power, industry players need to keep up with the ever-changing technology, constantly evolving their use of intelligent systems to boost performance and efficiency.

Fraunhofer AICOS is offering a custom-built training series on Deep Learning (DL), consisting of theoretical and hands-on sessions. These are built upon practical examples, exploring multiple methods and uses of Deep Neural Networks, considered the cutting-edge of Machine Learning techniques, to achieve a deeper understanding of real-world problems and deliver tangible solutions with a short-term impact. Our partners are challenged to bring their own data resulting in a truly tailored learning experience.


Key Benefits


> Selected training sessions, focused on your company’s specific business environment;

> Tools used in practical sessions are open source (either publicly available or developed at Fraunhofer AICOS), so your company can apply the solutions right away;

> Increase Deep Learning competences applied on your real problems.



An Introduction to Deep Learning

Basic concepts of DL: the Artificial Neuron and its role as a basic unit of Deep Neural Networks; training through backpropagation; different network architectures and their most appropriate applications.

Best Practices in Deep Learning

Tricks of the trade, from data preprocessing and augmentation to model evaluation and optimization. Examples of applications within our innovation portfolio.

Partner Challenges

Partners are challenged to share some pain points where DL could have the most impact, even if traditional Machine Learning is already employed. A round-table discussion is promoted to pinpoint possible solutions and next steps with Fraunhofer AICOS experts.


Participants work on public datasets and use DL frameworks to implement and train a classifier. Optionally, the partners’ own data can be used to reveal the potential of DL to solve their real challenges.

Note: The hands-on sessions are based on Python, for which a fundamentals course is available on request. Additionally, Fraunhofer AICOS offers a training series in Machine Learning that, although not necessary, is suggested as a preliminary series.



Workshop with theoretical and hands-on sessions

Starting Date:

Regularly and on request


According to client’s needs


From beginner to advanced levels to gain competences in Deep Learning

Course Fee:

Under consult


Deep Learning Training Flyer


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