Machine Learning Training

The Intelligent Systems Group at Fraunhofer AICOS is driving the introduction of Artificial Intelligence capabilities to the Industry, and have prepared a set of training series on Machine Learning tailored to the challenges of our partners. 




A new digital transformation is currently taking place, boosted by the exponential availability of accessible data and of the required computing power to process it. This is leading to the widespread use of intelligent systems based on Machine Learning with potential to disrupt almost every industry field, transforming the ways of production, management and governance.

Fraunhofer AICOS is offering a custom-built training series on Machine Learning, composed of theoretical and hands-on sessions. The training is based on practical examples, exploring the multiple methods and uses of Machine Learning, with the aim of promoting a deeper understanding of real problems and delivering tangible outcomes that have an impact in the short term. Our partners are challenged to bring their own data in order to create a truly tailored learning experience.


Key Benefits


> Selected training sessions, focused on your company’s specific business environment;

> Open source tools developed at Fraunhofer AICOS are available to speed up the learning and implementation process (TSFEL);

> Increase Machine Learning competences applied on your real problems.



An Introduction to Machine Learning

Basic concepts of ML, presenting base datasets structures, understanding the principles of supervised and unsupervised learning, neural networks and validation techniques.

Machine Learning at Fraunhofer AICOS

Examples of application scenarios both in time series and image contexts within our innovation portfolio: Motion, Nutrition, Derma, Ophtha, Micron, Audit.

Partner Machine Learning Challenges

Share the contexts where the introduction of ML in the partner workflow would boost productivity.

Hands-On (Using public datasets)

Every participant will work on public datasets and use Python tools to extract information, implement and train a classifier.

Hands-On (Using your own data)

Using partners own data to demonstrate the potential of Machine Learning to solve their own real challenges.

Note: The hands-on sessions are prepared using Python. An additional one-day Python fundamentals course is also available on request.



Workshop with theoretical and hands-on sessions

Starting Date:

Regularly and on request


According to client’s needs


From beginner to advanced levels to gain competences in Machine Learning

Course Fee:

Under consult


Machine Learning Training Flyer


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