Embedded System Development Training

The Connected Things group at Fraunhofer AICOS develops embedded systems considering scalability, reliability, privacy, and interoperability. We have prepared a set of training series on Embedded System development ranging from basic OS concepts to complete system architecture.




Following the IoT paradigm and its increasing number of sensors monitoring various aspects of our daily living: from our homes, workout routines, work posture and environment, to the industry, agriculture and logistic companies that produce and transport the goods we consume; embedded system development is a fundamental competence for the development of the sensors and the gateways that monitor, aggregate and transport such data to the inter(or intra)net.

Thanks to several years of experience and market-ready solutions, Fraunhofer AICOS is able to provide class-leading training on various topics of embedded system development, to help clients learn about the process and implementation. The program can be custom built based on the client’s needs, level of expertise and short term objectives. 


Key Benefits


> Custom training sessions based on the client‘s profile and objectives;

> Hands-on training with the support of experienced developers;

> Extensive selection of available technologies to develop and monitor embedded systems;

> Learning about the creation of embedded Linux OS and embedded software;

> Consultancy on best implementation choices and technologies based on the client’s end goal and objectives.



Introduction to Linux based Operating Systems

> Linux basics;

> Bash scripting and development tools.


Developing modular solutions with C/C++

> Inter process communication;

> Threads, shared libraries and memory management;

> Communicating with peripherals;

> Integration with cloud services;

> Debugging using Open Source tools - Valgrind and gdb.



> Overview about the Yocto project and its terminology;

> Building a full Linux based image with Yocto;

> Personalising and building a custom Linux based image;

> How to add support to new hardware (CPU, peripherals) to the Yocto build environment​​​.


Maintenance and monitoring tools

> Process supervision using Monit and M/Monit;

> OS update using Mender.


Hardware for embedded systems

> How to choose the right platform and its expansion modules;

> Hardware designing guidelines for mass production.



Webinar and Workshop with theoretical and hands-on sessions

Starting Date:

Regularly and upon request


According to client’s needs


Available courses range from beginner, intermediate to advanced

Course Fee:

Contact us for a quotation


Embedded System Development Training Flyer


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